eBag is every pupils digital answer to the physical schoolbag: a personal, digital bag for the students to store pictures, video, music, documents and other material that can be used in projects and presentations in school. The eBags can be used on large displays, mobile phones and PC’s and provides quick access to digital material and the possibility to share pictures, links and documents with each other. The mobile phone is the physical container of the eBag; when the student approaches a bluetooth unit connected to a display, an icon of the eBag will appear on the screen. Using drag’n’drop, files can be shared between several eBags, and it is also possible to create a shared folder for several eBags.


eCell is an experimental learning environment, a group room that could be placed in areas of the school not being in use today, e.g. the corridors could be turned into several temporary rooms for groups to work with projects and presentations. eCell is a private group room that combines a pressure sensitive large screen attached to the wall, with a public display on the outside. The outer screen can be used for the group to present their work as it progresses or information about themselves to people passing by. The private large screen is an ordinary pc, connected to a Bluetooth unit, meaning that the group can have their eBags presented on the screen and work with them there.

The outer public screen can be controlled from the inner screen, where pictures are placed by drag’n’drop on to a representation of the outer screen, and the pictures are shown to the public in a slide-show or a collage on the outer screen.


HyCon is a mobile Explorer, aiming to support the students work in the field. HyCon is a GPS based browser, presenting local information to the students as they move around in different environments. The available information is depending on the student’s geographical location, and supports project work.


The eClass concept has the physical frames of education in focus, and to join it with the established concepts and prototypes. The development of the eClass concept was built around the following two basic activities:

  • In the first activity the focus is to equip an existing educational environment with different types of technology, providing the opportunity to experiment with educational scenarios and use possibilities.
  • The second activity focuses on more basic design of the educational environment, providing the possibility to consider shape, establishment and use of technology in a larger scale in education.


Ole Sejer Iversen
Ole Sejer Iversen
Department of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus
P +45 89429257

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