Søren Jensen, Rådg. Ingeniører
Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers A/S is a multi-disciplinary firm of consulting engineers covering all fields of construction technology, installation technology, electrical and low-power installation, and IT technology. Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers A/S was founded in 1945 and today has branches in Århus, Silkeborg, Copenhagen and Vejle.

The group of architects Arkitema K/S represents more than 30 years of experience within planning, architecture and design, supervision and inspection as well as construction project management and landscape architectural consultancy. In recent years the company has won about 60 large competitions, both public and closed. Most of these projects have been built.

Tool-Tribe Connector® combines advanced technology with elegant design and userfriendly functionality. Tool-Tribe Connector® turns your whiteboard into a digital computer interface. Helps you to develop and exchange the things that are most essential to you - for example visions, plans and knowledge. With a minimum of effort Tool-Tribe Connector® improves all kinds of whiteboard sessions.

TDC/Innovation Lab
As a part of TDC A/S - the biggest telecommunications company in Denmark - Innovation Lab promotes and communicates knowledge of IT trends in the next decade. Innovation Lab also plays a significant role as a Demo Lab, creating prototypes of future technology in cooperation with the business community and the scientist of Aarhus University/Katrinebjerg.

Dansk Data Display
Dansk Data Display is a Danish AV-business specialist. The company was founded in 1992 and has since risen to a dominant position in different niches of the AV-market. Dansk Data Display sells and rents out a wide range of AV-equipment and offers an extensive service in conjunction to these products.

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