DiscusMediaKiosk is an iOS application created for viewing webpages and video and audio podcasts on an iOS device in kiosk mode for use in exhibitions or other public settings.


The application has the following features:

  • Showing a webpage or a podcast in kiosk mode. Content can be locked with a 4 digit pincode.
  • Remember last played media or webpage for easy startup.
  • Streaming and downloading of media on a wifi connection.
  • Caching of media from podcasts locally on the device.
  • Edit the channel directly on the device and export to an xml-file that can be uploaded to a webserver or Dropbox and be deployed to multiple iOS devices.

Please note that in order to use 3G download and streaming it must be enabled in the application settings. Otherwise an error message will be displayed.


Download MediaKiosk through the Apple App Store here.


If you need some help getting started with the app refer to the MediaKiosk documentation page (under construction).


What is the best way to setup my iOS device when using the MediaKiosk application?

Go to "Settings" > "General" and set "Auto-Lock" to "Never" and make sure "Passcode Lock" has not been set. Enable restrictions so users cannot tamper with the iOS settings.

How do I create my own list of channels to use in MediaKiosk?

I MediaKiosk 2.0 you can build your own channel directly on the device and export it to an xml-file that can be deployed to multiple devices afterwards. This xml-file can then be uploaded to a webserver or to Dropbox. Check the documentation.

How do I host my channel using Dropbox?

Check the documentation.

Can I stream using a 3G connection?

Yes, but you need to enable it in the application settings under "Allow 3G Streaming".

How can I block access to physical buttons on the device to prevent users from exiting the app?

You can of course create your own case but there are a few commercial alternatives.

iPad stands at

iHold sliding tray

iPad stand with swiper for credit cards and more at

iPad Kiosk

iPad Kiosk Enclosure at

iPad Kiosk Enclosure

Are there any known bugs?

There is a bug playing videos embedded in websites when the app has been set to reset to the start page after a given time interval. This issue can be resolved by disabling the reset option.


The application has been developed by Raphael Dobers and Kaspar Rosengreen Nielsen.

In case you experience bugs or have feature requests contact kaspar (at) or leave a comment below.

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