SwingScape was designed in relation to a winter festival in February 2010 in Roskilde. SwingScape is an interactive installation that comes into play at the visitor’s physical activities. The installation invites people into an activity which most of us know from our childhood – to swing.

Collective experience

The installation seeks to challenge physical activity in urban spaces where human interaction is the key. Anyone who can swing can use the installation and be a co-creator of the collective experience provided by SwingScape through light, sound and physical activity.

The swing-installation consists of two zones, which are illuminated by different colors when it swings. At the same time each zone activates a part of a larger sound universe. In the blue zone varying beats are activated and in the green zone melodies are activated. If visitors in several zones begin to swing into line, it creates a sonic harmony, which can be heard from all from all seats of the installation.

Film about the SwingScape installation in Culture Zone at Roskilde Festival 2010

The installationis developed in cooperation with Rune Wehner, designer in light and sound, who is also known from the band Spleen United and Henrik Lynbech, Infogallery.

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