Mobile Home Center


Home awareness. People living a global lifestyle connect remotely to their families while away from home. In this paper we identify a need for connecting with a home as the physical place itself. For this purpose we introduce the concept of Home Awareness that connects people sensuously to remote places through sound, light and feeling of temperature. A working prototype has been successfully tested and we present some results from early user studies in the following paper:

Hansen, A. B., Petersen, M. G., Gude, R. and Lassen T. M. (2010) Home Awareness Connecting people sensously to places. In Proceedings of DIS 2010, ACM Press




Collective Interaction is an interaction model depicting strong social connection between people interacting on a shared digital material with a shared goal. This interaction model is developed through a number of cases, In the Mobile Home Center project, we have investigated collective interaction  for social navigation on digital photos in the home. We conducted an experiment illustrating how people experience being connected with a remote or co-located person through the tactic feedback provided by the controllers.

The picture illustrates how two controllers provide tactic feedback on the other persons movement. In this way the interaction can be negotiated tactically as well as verbally.

ambientliveconnectAmbient Live Connect is a concept and a prototype connecting two or more homes  through sharing their media consumption or via live audio and video connections. A series of field test are currently being undertaken.

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