tactower prototypeThe TacTower prototype in the current manifestation of our whish to create an interactive training equipment for more than one user, that hones the users’ skills directly in the game of – in this case – elite handball player. See more of TacTowers in these videos and pictures.

The TacTowers consists of four towers of eight balls with each 12 sensors on. Each sensor detects direct hits, and the placement on the ball indicates the direction in which it has been hit. In each ball there is also eight RGB-diodes that can light up the ball and the entire tower in the full range of colors.

In this way the TacTowers constitutes an interactive “screen” 2,25 meters tall and that can be distributed spatially.

The TacTowers has been tested with some of the best handball teams in Denmark from the premier league for men: BSV and Århus GF. Results from these test are still being worked with and we are looking to do more and prolonged tests with elite teams in the future

The film shows highlights from the first test of TacTowers with an elite team. Players from BSV play three different games and they give feedback on the games regarding intensity, relevance and opportunities for improvement.


bannerbattle prototypeAt the other end of the professional sports domain we find the spectators. The BannerBattle prototype was developed after intense studies of spectators and their “spectatoring” – the active participation in the sport events with all the social practices this entails.

The BannerBattle prototype consists of two large displays of the sort you see around football fields displaying advertisements. The 1 x 8 meters display is divided up so each team’s fans have one side each. The spectators now battle to capture the entire screen and conquer “screen real estate” from the opposing team’s fans. The fans physical activities are recorded with video camera and their sound level is captured with directed microphones. These two levels of activity are compared and whoever wins pushes the opponent back. The tribal war metaphor is especially fitting with the spectators’ mindset during the game.

In the middle of the BannerBattle an equalizer visualizes each team’s sound level and a segment of the fans are showed with their team colors overlaid.

We have tested the BannerBattle at a number of football games in the Superliga – the Danish premier league – at NRGi park, the home ground of Århus’ football team AGF.

BannerBattle is furthermore explained and visualized in this brief interview with project manager Martin Ludvigsen in Danish Radio P4.

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