The following partners have contributed to the project.

Struer Museum

Struer Museum is an a local cultural historical museum inviting visitors to explore the history of the Struer Area. The museum is currently undergoing extensive remodelling. The museum will be open again in the fall of 2007 with a new department of the museum focusing on the history of Bang & Olufsen.

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AQUA is Northern Europe’s largest fresh water aquarium. AQUA is placed in a number of big outdoor aquarium lakes and the visitor can at close range watch the fresh water life through large landscape windows. Supplementary to the outdoor lakes AQUA offers a number of indoor activities, e.g. a special exhibition presenting aquaria with darkness of the night, varying exhibitions, touch tank and much more.

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With its unique location beside the Kattegat, the Kattegat Centre offers a sea of adventure. Kattegatcentret features quaria where you can study life beneath the waves, see fish and creatures from the Kattegat and come exhilaratingly close to the tropical sharks.

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 Innovation Lab
Innovation Lab promotes and communicates knowledge of IT trends in the next decade. Innovation Lab also plays a significant role as a Demo Lab, creating prototypes of future technology in cooperation with the business community and the scientist of Aarhus University/Katrinebjerg.

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 AM Production

AM Production covers a wide range of competencies within content production and managment. Content production includes video, sound, animation, design etc. creating versitile and dynamic content. The content is managed so i may be adapted to a variety of platform such as PCs, cellular phones, and public displays.

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 Blip Systems

BLIP Systems offers a wide range of solutions for Mobile Marketing and Location Based Services based on Bluetooth technology. Blip infrastructures allows for the creation of wireless networks well suited for intelligent services for mobile devices.

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Research Institutions

 Aarhus School of Architecture

The Aarhus School of Architecture plays a major role in the InteractiveSpaces research center. Aarhus School of Architecture supports the center through the Department of Design. Associate Professor Peter Krogh from the group is the Vice Manager of the InteractiveSpaces research center.

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 The Department of Computer Science at the University of Aarhus

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Aarhus is one of the major contributors to the InteractiveSpaces research center. (Aarhus School of Architecture being the other.) The department supports InteractiveSpaces with scientist through the Experimental Computer Science Group. Professor Kaj Grønbæk from the group is the center manager of InteractiveSpaces.

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