Wisdom Wells

Physical Setup

The Wisdom Well exists in two variants: ceiling and basement.

The basement version of the Wisdom Well is built into the physical floor of a school department square. The Well is a 3 m deep hole covered with a projection surface. The projection surface is 3*4 m glass of approx. 9 cm thickness divided into four tiles. The four tiles are supported at the outer edges and with an internal conic frame resting on a supporting pillar in the center.

The projection is created by 4 projectors. The projectors are placed vertically covering each their tile of glass. A web cams is associated with each projector and is managed by a Tracking Client that runs vision software supporting fine-grained tracking of limb positions. The limb-positions are communicated to the application machine feeding the four projectors. The Tracking Client can be switched to a mode, where it uses a ceiling mounted wide-angel webcam for coarse- grained tracking of body contours from above.

The Wisdom Well supports sound through ceiling mounted loudspeakers and a subwoofer placed nearby the Well.

The start up/shut down of computers and projectors is controlled by a control panel on a wall close to the Well. The panel also controls lighting and curtains. Having powered up the Wisdom Well from the panel, it can be fully controlled by body movement on the surface. A traditional keyboard and mouse is located on a nearby shelf ready to be used for editing purposes.

Learning Game Applications

Currently fire learning game applications have been developed called iFloorQuest, Stepstone, iFloorKeyboard and Memory. A floor variant of the Pong game and a presenter tool has been developed as well. The applications has been developed in such a way that teachers and pupils can edit the content themselves either on the physical installation or on an ordinary computer.

A brief overview of the applications will be given below.


iFloorQuest is a floor game for four players similar to the board game Trivial Pursuit. During the game a series of questions are asked and the players have two possible answers to choose from. If a correct answer is selected both the player and the team will score a point since there is both an individual and collaborative score. In this way players can both play with or against each other.


Pong is an interactive floor implementation of the classic videogame. It can be played by two players on each side of the Well and keeps track of the players’ score. The player who first scores ten points has won the game. This game can be started by the children in the breaks.


Stepstone is a learning game application for up to four players and can be used by both normal hearing and hearing impaired children. During the game a series of exercises are asked either as speech or as text on a Smartboard next to the Wisdom Well and the children must use their hands and feet to combine a selection of several game elements to provide the correct answers.


Memory is a floor game for four teams. The purpose of the game is to match the tiles on the floor like ordinary memory but with the twist that the tiles are not identical. E.g. the word "cow" must be matched with either the sound of a cow or the picture of a cow or 2+2 must be matched with 4.


iFloorKeyboard is a floor keyboard for one to four players.

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