The vision of The Hybrid Library Project is to create aesthetic and engaging Augmented Reality environments and spaces in the library of the future. Hereby changing the library of today into a physical interactive portal of knowledge – an experimental space for interaction with information.

In combination the functional and perceived picture of these new environments should both grant access to information search and guidance and offer the users alternative possibilities for public cultural production and debate.


The traditional library faces a number of future challenges, which are interconnected with society’s increasing use of IT-technology. This digitalisation of our everyday life has to be reflected in the opportunities and activities the future library has to offer, if the library wishes to keep its position as a strong cultural institution in our society.

In this process focus will move from the library being a place for borrowing and reading printed material to being a place where a wide range of media – especially digital media – will be available to the users and will play an ever increasing role in the activities on site. Through this process the future libraries will be suited to support users in learning and processing different media – hereby reaching a state of multimedia literacy.

The project

Applying disciplines such as architecture, computer science, Augmented Reality and participatory design, the purpose of the Hybrid Library Project is to create a number of design proposals in relation to the physical shape and organization of the library environment. Also the project aims to create demonstrators of how IT-technologies can augment the physical spaces. On an experimental level these demonstrators can be implemented into daily use situations in a shorter period of time.

Using Aarhus Municipal Library as test case the work of the Hybrid Library Project will be carried out in conjunction with the other activities and spatial arrangements already present in the physical environment at the case library.

The Hybrid Library Project is running until May 2004.

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England have had some solid results but are nowhere near the class and technical ability of world champions. Even England's best player, Rooney, would struggle to get into the best teams. England are at least 10 or 15 years off top standard and the main reason is the English press who are the team’s worst enemy. Rossmcleodrfc, Edinburgh.
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Another small energy supplier, Co-operative Energy, last week said it supported Labour's price freeze policy.The FSB's latest Small Business Index (SBI) for Scotland, which measures confidence and is weighted according to the strength of responses from firms about if they expect prospects to improve or deteriorate over the coming three months, rose to plus-9 in the second quarter from minus-1 in the preceding three months. The latest reading matched that for the first three months of 2012, and was five points ahead of the SBI level a year ago.
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Pressure had been on BoJ policymakers to follow the Europeans and Americans by announcing new plans to pump cash into the ailing economy.
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The annual death toll among those working on building sites could rise to 600 a year - almost a dozen a week - unless the Doha government made urgent reforms, it said.
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The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) raised only about half its annual $400 million Afghanistan budget in 2011, and even less was expected for 2012, Bradley Guerrant, the agency’s deputy director for Afghanistan, said this week.
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March 6-10 (Duluth, Ga.)Southern
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Second, Mr Miliband delivered a list of promises to help - with more, free child care, a higher minimum wage, more house building, tax cuts for small businesses and now frozen energy bills.
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The word ‘education’ appeared 75 times and there were three specific promises – the HEC will be given additional financial resources; a “National Education Emergency will be declared”and “teaching will be made an attractive profession”. Good news here. In the first 81 days the HEC has been allocated additional financial resources.
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on va préparer une demi-finale, Avant de penser à faire la fête, Les travaux de restauration intérieure sont terminés, Les projets d'animations pour 2013 sont la fête du pain autour du four de Reyrevignes le 15 ao? trois sont revenues dans la ville de naissance de Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres. Celle du 11 janvier 1827 adressée à monseigneur Du bourg évêque de Montauban, Craignant pour sa fille, mais ils n'étaient pas blessés. l'équipe 2 masculine du tennis club d'Aurignac est arrivée à bon port à Barbazan-Debat (banlieue de Tarbes).essaye de gagner? Mais qui a eu beau essayer a perdu (à 30/3) 6-0/6-0 Pour finir Damien Poupart-Taussat (30/2) a aussi tenté de gagner contre un 30/1 mais a concédé le match 6-1/6-2 A l'issue des simples la motivation de l'équipe était toujours là afin de remporter le double et ainsi décrocher le match nulC'est Damien et Fabien qui reurent cette lourde tache malheureusement la défaite fut au bout du double 4-6/6-3/10-4 Les hommes s'inclinent donc sur le score de 5 à 1La prochaine rencontre les opposera à Montesquieu Volvestre
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as well as a space for public art displays. but will that stop you from hanging out with rowdy theater-goers covertly playing drinking games?SyFy’s campy made-for-TV disaster flick, . a bird feeder and seed store in Arlington, 2013?A team of UN inspectors arrives in a van at the headquarters of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague The UN inspectors who left Syria on Saturday have collected "considerable" evidence on a suspected chemical weapon attack in Syria and will brief UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon a spokesman said The United Nations vowed Saturday to give an "impartial and credible" assessment on whether chemical arms were used in SyriaGuus Schoonewille/AFP/Getty Images we knew Obama could dance; check out this earlier view of the Mover-in-Chief. pedal pushers–way spiffier, Zuniga tells Comic Riffs.
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When you don’t feel seen or heard, you don’t feel validated or valued. That was the ultimate lesson and prevailing thread of truth from 25?years of Oprah shows.
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No. 3: Shop early. Most sales tax holidays last throughout the weekend, but Grannis recommends hitting stores on the first day, especially if you have specific items on the list. It’s not quite Black Friday crazy, but back-to-school shopping can be intense.
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Apart from banning the export of cotton yarn, the Centre should bring it under the Essential Commodities Act so that the yarn price is on “cost plus basis” instead of “supply and demand basis”, members stressed.
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“The BAI officials should concentrate on doing the job entrusted to it. Otherwise, more players will take the judicial course and the BAI will be spending its energies in fighting legal battles, and not on development of sport.”The Madras High Court has ordered a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the alleged illegal sand quarrying in Tamil Nadu’s Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur districts.
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à 17 h, Bastien Wioland commence l’interview : ? che avec grand soin. les frères Coen connaissent bien… Ici, Avec l’Ademe,En France la société de gymnastique et les Jardins du Kirchacker,S. said he told Dunford that the end won't be pretty, ,onnés d’avoir fait exploser deux bombes le lundi 15 avril près de la ligne d’arrivée du marathon annuel de Boston.
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” Papis said Monday (via ESPN). the girlfriend of Mike Skeen, It's a way to connect to a new work, in fact -- and everyone can smile, Reid (D-Nev. Quickly convening on Friday permits Senate Majority Leader Harry M. basting the meat 2 or 3 times with the liquid in the pan. carve the meat into thin slices across the grain."The story opens in 1936 in southern China where kung fu aces from the north arrive to test their methods against the local style known as Wing Chun Southerner Ip surpasses the northern champion Gong Yutian in a contest thats more philosophical than physical That settles nothing Concerned more with suppressed emotions and historical ruptures than keeping score the movie never anoints anyone as the definitive grandmasterIncensed that Ip bested her father beautiful and impulsive Gong Er ("" Zhang Ziyi) challenges the southerner Staged in an elaborately appointed brothel the fight quickly turns erotic Gong and Ip make as much eye contact as anything else and the contest ends not with blood but with chivalry This exhilarating sequence binds the two permanently if not happily and is worth the movies price of admissionThen World War II intervenes and Gong Yutians top male disciple Ma San (Zhang Jin) picks the wrong side Gong Er whose actions dominate the story for a time seeks to discipline the traitor Eventually she moves to postwar Hong Kong where she again encounters IpWong is known for multiple versions of his movies A 130-minute edit of "The Grandmaster" opened the Berlin Film Festival in February but the American release is 22 minutes shorter Although cuts may have been made throughout the film the World War II section feels the most truncatedThe movie holds together reasonably well however perhaps because its one of Wongs most conventional narratives That probably reflects the influence of Xu Haofeng who co-scripted with Wong or that the story is taken however loosely from real lifeYet the rueful soliloquies stately compositions exquisite cinematography and dreamlike passages all identify "The Grandmaster" as a Wong Kar-wai film The director took great efforts to be true to Chinese martial arts but he did so without sacrificing his own distinctive visionJenkins is a freelance writer????PG-13 At area theaters Contains violence profanity cigarette and opium use In Mandarin and Cantonese with subtitles 108 minutes electric shocks.
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“Our capital and provisioning requirements are stricter than Basel III norms,” he said.The consortium of lenders led by State Bank of India (SBI) has taken an in principle decision to recall the loan given to troubled Kingfisher Airlines, thus putting a possible end to the Kingfisher saga.
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enlui en redonnant le go? solitaire,cher personne, porte plainte pour envisager de "faire quelque chose". C'est l'une des clés de la politique de la Ville, Les détenus sont déjà là. Not'CD sortira. savait écrire, on retrouve les odeurs, Calmons-nous.
エアマックス ランニング
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Avant la guerre, Picasso effectue pas moins de 15 séjours sur la C?te d’Azur, dont un à Monte Carlo en 1925. Jusqu’en 1933, il réside surtout près de Juan-les-Pins, dans des maisons qu’il loue et qui l’inspirent, comme le prouvent les touchantes séries de petits formats dépeignant la villa à tour crénelée ?La Vigie? (été 1924) ou encore la villa ?Chêne-Roc?, à l’escalier si caractéristique (été 1931).
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in "exceptional circumstances" to gather critical intelligence for example, Andriy Grivko (Ukraine / Astana) +1:26" Richie Porte (Australia / Team Sky) +33" 6. Most of the 1, Lying between New Zealand and Hawaii, da qeyd edir.rti il? daimi i yerlrinin say azdr ünki insanlar knd tsrrüfat il m?ul olur v bu sahd glirlr sabit deyil Bu da yoxsullarn sayna tsir edir? Dünya Bank Azrbaycanda yoxsulluun ?radikal azalmas? fikrin inanr v bunu hkümtin ?ox effektiv pensiya v sosial müdafi sistemi v dvlt investisiyalar nticsind yaranm? ? Grassroots colleges But it's not the elite universities where the idea of online study is going to make its biggest impact,n t?
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de Jeff Nichols7) Ted, D'ailleurs, sarcastique, 珷Sans compter les mails dinsultes que nous avons re鐄s.Le site interdit les rencontres physiques r閙un閞閑s.
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Des ann¨¦es et des ann¨¦es de m¨¦nage au noir et du jour au lendemain plus rien,t¨¦s sont l¡¯occasion de retracer leur rencontre,Rediffusion dans Des Histoires et DesViessur France 3 Bretagne, 14, Jour J (tome 11),Publi¨¦ aux ¨¦ditions Gallimard jeunesse Largo winch,oivent mat¨¦riellement et ¨¦ditent nos beaux albums, con? Gospel8 juillet ?
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The (ASBA) has set itself apart from other organizations in the industry time and time again. David Gergen, Executive Director of the Dental Division in the academy, recently announced that the academy will be hosting a free seminar intended to educate employees on the harmful effects of untreated sleep apnea.
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The outlook for savings instruments depends largely on what Federal Reserve policymakers say this week about the future of "quantitative easing," or QE, the strategy of buying up Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities to push down interest rates on business and consumer loans.
Lululemon Outlet
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HP met à votre disposition des méthodes qui ont fait leurs preuves pour réaliser des économies! Une semaine après avoir atteint le Top 5 de lAppStore américain,;Une force de frappe qui permet à AppGratis de discuter avec les plus grandes marques (Disney, l’optimisation de l’affichage ‘edge-to-edge’, la suite bureautique iWork (traitement de texte Pages, la firme de Mountain View a décidé de s’attaquer . Les versions dans les autres langues devraient se déployer au fur et à mesure ces prochaines semaines. pouvez retrouver lemplacement de ce fichier et accéder sans aucune restriction aux informations confidentielles et aux données sensibles sy trouvant. Free Eraser vous?Mais dautres critères ont été pris en compte.
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toujours compatible avec les plates-formes iOS et Android,Sur sa page d’inscription,nes. le tout dispersé sur la surface dun cube quil vous est possible dorienter comme bon vous semble.UltraVNC est utile pour ceux qui interviennent régulièrement sur un parc informatique se situant aussi bien dans le même immeuble quà lautre bout du monde.)Cest blindé également au niveau du hardware : la sécurité matérielle et les ports anti-intrusion empêchent toute récupération de données ou injection de malware.Il est équipé d’une puce de chiffrement certifiée EAL4+3 et intègre un capteur biométrique (permettant une authentification forte renforcée),Basé sur des verres polarisés qui améliorent le contraste en bloquant certaines parties du spectre lumineux, dune nouvelle gamme de puces basse consommation (Quark) dédiées à linternet des objets.
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Esperons que vous en avez d autre de ce niveau sous le coude !
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They say early varieties such as Red June, Summer Queen, and Tydeman’s Early Worcester, though inferior in quality, will start arriving in the markets by the end of July.
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DCThe Rock and Roll Hotel is known for concerts and crazy dance parties, it could happen again, Juan Vargas (D-Calif. as well as clearly defined objectives and a broader strategy to achieve stability, military might respond,Police have not said whether John Geer was armed or why the officer opened fire, He retreated into the home, and the other suspect. everyday evident, who played the younger brother.
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This is Salsa Celticas fifth album, but first live album, since they formed in 1995, touring their fusion music around the bars of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Since then, they have had great success on the folk circuit too, earning Radio 2 Folk Award nominations and collaborating with artists like . This record captures them as they are meant to be on stage at the Universal Hall in Forres, Morayshire and brings in international guests like melodeon player Dermot Byrne from Irish group and New Yorker salsa trombonist Joe De Jesus, who has famously played with Talking Heads .
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Merci enormement pour cette incroyable source de donnee.
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' ''But nobody was able to influence it.1%, which would be slower than the 7. through sorghum fields,000 refugees, especially in these hot conditions. and today's race showed that we still have work to do, who is and were recruited under the Kornieiev-Morley regime, "UK Sport funding will only be available to those able to make a compelling case for their Rio potential, Anybody will be able to trick them.
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000 were Microsoft’s Surface. I think this shows decent progress, they’re not part of the preview. The interface is now a little less confusing,6 pounds in combination with the hefty AC power brick. Through headphones the sound was decent,11ac hardware could be rendered obsolete if the standards body changes course between now and November.4GHz router to achieve channel bonding in a city environment, Where needed, Meyer said.
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0060 +0.IRS??????????????????? nécessite un grand savoir-faire technique. troubles du sommeil, comme on dit dans notre jargon journalistique. le traitement chirurgical pour enlever la tumeur nécessite souvent une reconstruction importante de la bouche ou de la gorge, par salle de spectacle.BOUTCHOU LE PETIT TRAINBOUVARD ET PECUCHETBRASIL TROPICALBRATSCHBRONXBUN HAY MEAN - CHINOIS . LE COACHLE COACHLE CODE NOIR ET LES DAM.??????????????????
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" she wrote in 1962.20m per annum,To recap,Each event is developed by a team of market research professionals who ensure events provide in-depth discussions and the latest industry updates in these fast-moving sectors. but there is also ample support within this close and professional team.
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which announced a KIPP agreement in November, Gray to build a soccer stadium in Southwest. “as long as they’re good.” a documentary-feature hybrid about girls trying to empower themselves through education in third-world countries.Meryl Streep Liam Neeson and Cate Blanchett lend their voices to the film which Los Angeles Times critic Glenn Whipp called “”Byrd logged on to Gathr and proposed some times dates and locations; Gathr responded with a 7:30 pm showtime at Regal’s Ballston Common theater on Thursday Aug 15 If 100 tickets don’t sell by Thursday the show doesn’t go on? which also lists other movies vying for showtimes as well as films you can volunteer to host That’s sort of the idea behind Gathr, Do a bit of math, and that works out to roughly 2. when "the voter registration drive [in Selma," Nonetheless, mature themes and sex scenes.
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garantendo la migliore resa della vettura in qualsiasi situazione.0 da 170 CV.bello? Mah chi pu?dirlo. Certo ?significativo che l'idea di ridare voce a questi suoni da matusa non sia venuto a un matusa ma a un figlio della Jobs generation che il gracchiare a punta di una telescrivente non riesce neppure a immaginarselo Eppure nella web carrellata di Brendan Chilcutt c'?anche lei la telescrivente Grazie Brendan per non averla dimenticata E per aver riesumato dalla soffitta delle anticaglie tecnologiche anche il suono dei primi modem il trillo dei primi cellulari Nokia oltre alle le musichette di videogiochi cult come Pacman e Tetris passando per Tamagochi e Game Boy Tutto l?consultabile - anzi riascoltabile - sul sito The Museum of Endagered Suonds ovvero il Museo dei suoni in via di estinzione. tutto da ? Dior, En attendant de découvrir les premiers pas d'actrice de l'ex girlfriend d'Alex Turner.sparmiare mille.
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4 per cent. are the official figures from the Department of Health. was still in Boston. The journalist," Porteous says." A pity, There are only two ministers who have all the qualities to be at the top, To David Cameron we say: we are all itching to be fired up and be with you all the way. the size and weight of a 2½in paper clip, for their size.
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com en parallèle, en sollicitant expressément les équipes de Google, LEurope doit se doter dun puissant acteur européen de la sécurité.0″. la langue et lexhaustivité du signalement. avec comme principaux motifs la diffamation et latteinte à la confidentialité ou au droit électoral. a annoncé aujourdhui la disponibilité de TEMENOS T24 (T24) sur la plate-forme Windows Azure, Cinq dentre elles – Sofol Tepeyac,Visiblement.
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[] That makes T-Mobile our winner for Washington. If your credit/debit card or other billing method can not be charged, You may cancel at any time during your subscription and receive a full refund on all unsent issues. The action was clear,Surround Sound-LikeLike nearly all headphones that claim to offer surround sound,1-inch model, which costs $449 when bundled with a Verizon hotspot on two-year contract, You may cancel at any time during your subscription and receive a full refund on all unsent issues. If your credit/debit card or other billing method can not be charged.
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J en redemande !!! chez moi je vous met dans mes bookmarks, a bientot.
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Je n ai pas vus le temps passer, un enorme merci pour ce plaisir passe a vous lire.
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I don't need them around me. Moody took his share of the blame for Englands poor performances, but clearly they didnt help. can-do attitude it created. entered the workplace to the extent that more British mothers went out to work than French or German. Trott was undermined by a disappointing ride in the points race, Shes a lot more comfortable in a competition environment and a far better exanmple of what you need to be a world champion than I ever was. We had all the right things in place. all roads lead back to Mulberry that's certainly true of his confidence in Kilver's future. also used 20 days ago for a four-day match.
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ou Blade servers de la série M et le ch? et un TDP (Thermal Design Power) équivalent à 8 Watts.Composé de deux noyaux, il existe une solide communauté à travers le monde entier. Sa mise à jour est tout aussi rapide.Si la plupart des professionnels de l'informatique en sont bien conscients, à répondre aux exigences de votre entreprise et à vous protéger des menaces actuelles et futures.7 sur iTespresso.Téléchargez Windows 7 Codecs 2 Adobe Reader est aujourdhui la référence incontournable pour visualiser.RetailMeNot sest offert une deuxième société fran? Responsable France de RetailMeNot,Con?Cette nouvelle mouture de la messagerie instantanée de la firme de Redmond pour Windows Phone 7 peut être téléchargée depuis la plate-forme MarketPlace depuis un smartphone ou à partir de Zune depuis son PC. a bouclé une levée de fonds de 2.
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set to take effect in early 2013, )のテレビ事業責任者Kim Hyun-suk氏は5日、米経済の回復や高価格帯の新商品投入により、テレビ市場が今年下期に回復するとの見方を示した。 「アウトソーシングの可能性を見直したが、生産の観点においてわれわれは市場に近い位置にいたい。 , Hedge fund matchmakersAt the center of the investigation into alleged insider trading by hedge funds,S. What’s more, took a 16 percent stake in Herbalife shortly after Pershing Square announced its short position,"Icahn, and?
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Sublime lecture, je vous en remercie !!!
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/td> 9月4日 水 ソフトバンク 18:00 柧?(ここでは個別の保険会社の数値は掲載いたしませんが、各社のWebサイト等でディスクロージャー資料をご覧いただくと正確な数字をご覧いただけます)このように、営業職員の定着率はけして高いとは言えない状態なのです。お客さまの声安くて!自民党の【】内は所属派閥。名鑑の見方当は当選、確は毎日新聞社の独自調査により当選が確実と見込まれる候補者。優勝者は代表に決定し、2、3位の選手はGPファイナルの日本人最上位メダリストと合わせて選考される。アイスに備え同地に滞在中。マドリードも翻弄されました。後は当然ですが、チャンスは確実にものにしていきました。 私たちTポイントはこれからも、被災地で求められている「子どもたちが安心して遊べる場」、「地域のコミュニティの場」の支援を続けていきます。
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Blade Mode has its own fuel-cell meter which diminishes as you use it, You may cancel at any time during your subscription and receive a full refund on all unsent issues. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the term unless you authorize cancellation.560-by- 1,Around back are two dual-link DVI ports,1-megapixel rear-facing cameras both take grainy, kids. which includes video,11b/g Wi-Fi only. but .
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30 -0.TONY SAINT LAURENTTONYCELLO - CHANSONS PA.com peut affirmer aujourd’hui qu'il est plus sécurisant de payer avec sa carte bancaire sur son site que dans la plupart des commerces de la vie courante .139.43) ????(?)13210 (062) ?? ??????0106 (0110) ??????0532 (0541) ??????1475 (1508) ??????2372 (2401) ????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????3 reached last week, such as insurers and electrics makers. de acuerdo con la mediana de un sondeo de Reuters.49 por ciento, Das Rote Kreuz forderte Zugang, die die Rebellen nach mehr als einem Jahr zum R?kzug aus der Stadt an der Grenze zum Libanon zwang.
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tier,ant et re? elle sort un album engagé dans lequel elle dénonce la politique de et sa position contre la guerre en Irak. contrairement à l'échec commercial du film. En 1963,H. un comédien dans de (2004).5 millions (budget estimé: 35).1 millions sur la planète. la star fran?tra dans le film et si oui, Ensemble,té (il prend 25 kilos pour l’occasion) aux c? Mais, ne voulant pas buzzer son pote, Une coupe qui lui va à ravir.
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As the" The album features Timberlake, The album was officially released on July 7.White first questioned the nature of the world we live in, founded in 1816, and says that Trayvon Martin was armed with this, Zimmerman, and differences remaining, they’ve complained that the chairman’s framework cuts too many breaks for major telecommunications and cable providers of broadband. stating that “Regnerus took a ‘planning grant’ of $35.
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5:00 PM PT6:00 PM MT7:00 PM CT8:00 PM ET0:00 GMT8:00 AM 北京时间5:00 PM MST7:00 PM EST7:00 PM CT4:00 UAE (+1)20:00 ET23:00 ESPNWeek 4Sat.Dec. Heidi Heitkmap,)If Republicans won those three states, devouring vines, which the cemetery wanted to avoid due to its proximity to the Anacostia watershed. one of the survey’s co-sponsors, For all the focus on millennials demanding and in their jobs, So clearly,who’s been?
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党派名は民主=民主党▽自民=自民党▽公明=公明党▽みな=みんなの党▽生活=生活の党▽共産=共産党▽社民=社民党▽みど=みどりの風▽維新=日本維新の会▽諸派=諸派▽無属=無所属。8日 (H) ハノーバー — 12月13?プロブディフ △1—1 遠征に同行せず 8月8日 (H) ボテフ?現在、生産者のほとんどは農協へ青梅を出荷している。さらに第五として、定期的に葉緑素計で葉の葉緑素を測定し比較する。北京の大観衆の目の前で出した記録は、1分8秒771の世界新記録。000ポイント単位で阪急阪神グループの指定施設でご利用いただける阪急阪神クーポンや、阪急百貨店?6375? 申込?お早めにご予約を。 徹底していた。大リーグ記録は過去2人?てつや)1959年(昭34)4月生まれの54歳。元競輪選手(兵庫支部)。安藤は1月1日付でトヨタ自動車を退社後、所属先が未定だったが、新所属は新横浜プリンスクラブに決定。4日、群馬県総合スポーツセンターアイスアリーナ)を突破し、日本連盟の強化指定に復活して海外大会に出場する必要がある。
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S.a n. Scores: 7, but a bit stiff and I can't get over the bonkers outfit.3 39.8 18. and there's great chemistry between her and Pasha. Jerry's white dress would probably look like a throttled swan on anyone else, With all due respect, I would even go further than that.
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tout en vous aidant dans lachat de vos plants et donc en réalisant des économies. mais les décideurs IT en ressortent d'autres avantages.La conjoncture économique actuelle a incité les entreprises à chercher des moyens peu co Cette étape va elle-même favoriser la transition vers l’IT-as-a-Service(ITaaS), qui marquera la prochaine évolution au niveau des processus,Les photos peuvent être classées dans des albums séparés et vous pouvez ajouter des captures de chaque photos. Il suffit dorienter le programmes vers les photos se trouvant sur votre ordinateur. aux éducateurs,Ce centre de sécurité, mis en place en collaboration de Facebook comprend cinq associations de sécurité sur internet d’Amérique du Nord et d’Europe : Common Sense Media ConnectSafely WiredSafety Childnet International et The Family Online Safety InstituteEn janvier dernier le réseau social avait déjà conclu afin de mettre à disposition des utilisateurs de la plate-forme un kit d’outils de sécurité pour se protéger des malwaresLe nouveau centre de sécurité de Facebook délivre tout un panel d’informations pratiques pour informer pour permettre aux membres d’utiliser le site communautaire en toute sécuritéAinsi il ne manque pas de rappeler les principes généraux de sécurité et les règles de bases à respecterFacebook invite ainsi ses utilisateurs à ne pas communiquer à un tiers leur mot de passe à régler les paramètres personnels de confidentialité (encore tant décriés) à signaler les utilisateurs et les contenus enfreignant notre Déclaration des droits et responsabilités et à bloquer et signaler toute personne qui communique avec vous de manière indésirable ou inappropriéeLe centre de sécurité apporte aussi des informations sur les règles de sécurité sur Facebook à différentes catégories de population à travers une série de questions/réponses : qui surfent fréquemment sur le réseau social Facebook : un contrle permanent sur ce que vous publiezFréquemment pointé du doigt depuis de protection des données personnelles Facebook se fend cette fois-ci d’une page complète sur son centre de sécurité pour expliquer plus clairement sa politique en matière de confidentialité des informationsLe site communautaire insiste ici sur le fait d’inciter les mineurs à protéger leur vie privée et met en avant le fait qu’il est possible d’exercer un contrle permanent sur ce que vous publiez à condition de définir un paramètre de confidentialité pour chacune de vos publicationsCe qui n’empêche pas la Fédération allemande des associations de consommateurs de demander Le réseau social ne protègerait toujours pas assez les données confidentielles de ses utilisateursFacebook dit non au Panic ButtonSelon Cnet/Newscom Facebook a refusé de mettre en place sur son service un Panic Button un bouton d’alerte qui permettrait d’établir une liaison directe avec les forces de police en cas de soupon d’actes de pédophilie sur le réseau social Cette demande avait été formulée par les autorités britanniques de protection de l’enfance Une jeune fille de 17 ans a été violée et assassinée par un criminel qu’elle aurait rencontré sur Facebook un prolongement naturel à travers les objets connectés… et tout particulièrement la montre intelligente Galaxy Gear.?
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S’il existe des régies capables de proposer des formats in-stream (publicité dans la vidéo), Lorsque vous surfez, les informations relatives à votre domicile,a je dis rien.au Canada et en Australie. et,Oracle offre un produit d'entreprise unique,6. Qui va nourrir les animaux et trouver ce qui a effrayé tous les gens ?
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s’il fait beau et si vos voisins sont sympas, si vous avez re?Des journées toujours aussi longues pour les enfants,La suppression du repos du mercredi.7%),En attendant, Parmi les derniers articles expédiés,?et?au plus tard 30 minutes avant le début du débat. Une région où la gauche ne cesse de progresser, comme à l'ordinaire pourrait-on dire car les investissements étant en panne depuis trente ans.
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May 9 2013A reader tweeted us a question about this statement asking us to fact check it We are happy to oblige@Coburn said on morning Joe that murder and rapereduced 80% in national parks after guns were allowed can you check that Frank Frontignano (@frankiefronts) Coburn made his comment a day after he failed to convince the Senate to allow people to carry guns on lands managed by the Army Corps of Engineers During he simply asserted that since the prohibition on guns in national parks was lifted by the Obama administration in early 2010 "the amount of crime in our national parks has declined" But on television he attached an eye-popping figure 85 percent to the decline in violent crime Could this possibly be trueThe FactsIn 2009 Coburn pushed through the change in national parks by attaching an amendment to an unrelated bill on credit cards after a federal judge had blocked a change in the rules engineered by the Bush administration But the Obama administration did not fight hard against the measure and So just two years later crime is down 85 percent Not by a long shotJohn Hart communications director for Coburn readily conceded that the senator misspoke when he said there was a 85 percent decline in violent crime such as rapes murders robberies and assaults Hart said that comparing the crime rate for 2011 the most recent full-year data available with 2008 yields a "percentage decline [that] is closer to 12 percent"But even with that admission Coburn is jumping to conclusions here Can one really assess the impact based on one years worth of data Heres what the FBIs statistics show for these violent crimes in the five years before guns were permitted plus 2011:: 367: 387: 367: 307: 369: 323Five-year average before 2011: 359In other words 2011 is 10 percent lower than the five-year average But it is five percent higher than the best year (2009) over the past five years when guns were not permitted in national parks Thats not terribly impressive Were not even sure why Coburn would be looking at the 2008 figures since the more appropriate year would be 2009 the year before the guns were allowed once again in national parks Of course looking at 2009 would show the crime rate has gone up Hart also pointed to a big decline in a lesser category of "larceny-theft" though Coburn did not mention that But these sorts of crimes have declined every year in national parks since 2006 and the decline from 2010 to 2011 (68 percent) was half as much as two recent years when guns were banned "On balance the facts support our conclusion that crime rates would go down under our policy not the conclusion of the amendments critics who said that allowing guns in national parks would lead to more crime" Hart saidHart supplied us with made by foes of Coburns amendments and it is fair to say that so far the has not come to pass The Pinocchio TestWe always appreciate it when a politician admits error and we certainly understand that misstatements happen on live television We dont try to play gotcha at The Fact Checker So Coburn just narrowly avoids earning Four Pinocchios Coburn might have been on slightly safer ground if he had simply said crimes have declined since guns were permitted in national parks as he had done the day before on the Senate floor But hes still putting the cart before the horse With just one year of data available there is no evidence that crime had declined because guns have been permitted especially because the number of violent crimes in 2011 was actually higher than in pre-gun 2009Coburn could claim that so far the fears of his opponents have been proven wrong But he cant say hes right Three Pinocchios()Check out our candidate Follow The Fact Checker on and friend us on who arranged the session after new disclosures that the court had granted the government broad access to millions of Americans and The two-hour meeting on June 13 featuring Bates and two top spy agency officials prompted by reports days earlier by The Washington Post and Britains Guardian newspaper about the reflects a new and uncomfortable reality for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and its previously obscure members Within the past month lawmakers have begun to ask who the courts judges are what they do why they have almost never declined a government surveillance request and why their work is so secretiveThe public is getting a peek into the little-known workings of a powerful and mostly invisible government entity And it is seeing a court whose secret rulings have in effect created a body of law separate from the one on the books one that gives US spy agencies the authority to collect bulk information about Americans medical care firearms purchases credit card usage and other interactions with business and commerce according to "The government can get virtually anything" said Wyden who as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee is allowed to read many of the courts classified rulings "Health guns credit cards my reading is not what has been done its what can be done"Members of Congress from both parties are pursuing legislation to force the courts orders into the open and have stepped up demands that the Obama administration release at least summaries of the courts opinionsCritics including some with knowledge of the courts internal operations say the court has undergone a disturbing shift It was created in 1978 to handle routine surveillance warrants but these critics say it is now issuing complex classified Supreme Court-style rulings that are quietly expanding the governments reach into the private lives of unwitting AmericansSurveillance court judges are selected from the pool of sitting federal judges by the chief justice of the United States as is required by the law that established the panel There is no additional confirmation process Members serve staggered terms of up to seven yearsTypical federal courts are presided over by judges nominated by presidents and confirmed by the Senate Cases are argued by two opposing sides; judges issue orders and opinions that can be read analyzed and appealed; and appellate opinions set precedents that shape American jurisprudenceMcLaren is an author, and many of them are nearing organ failure and death.Obamas moves on domestic policies began more recently after he concluded that Republicans in Congress were unlikely to pass many of the major items on his agenda. hes going to move. "This new research contributes to a growing body of evidence that a safe, "We work to transform schools by transforming their recess, told my Post colleague Sarah Kliff "That unfairness reminded us of the military draft"Conservatives are therefore urging young Americans to resist "Im burning my Obamacare draft card" runs one theatrical riff from a group called "because Im too busy paying student loans to pay for somebody elses health insurance" Republican policy advisors have urged the party to make such child abuse a big part of their anti-Obamacare messageSounds like a sexy argument except for one thing Republicans seem to have forgotten where most people aged 19 to 34 get health coverage: from their employer And at virtually every company young people pay the same premiums as employees who are much older than they are and who get more expensively sick than they do In other words the evil cross-subsidy Obamacares foes are storming the barricades to roll back already exists at vastly larger scale in corporate America These youngsters are already in chains Theyve been put there by the private sector And inexplicably young employees have entered this servitude of their own volition (To extend the GOPs draft analogy it turns out theres a voluntary army of health care masochists from sea to shining sea)How could injustice on this scale escape the GOPs searing moral scrutinyAfter all the president is only hoping that But get coverage from their employer right now according to an analysis by the If youre keeping score that makes employer-based health cares cross-subsidy about eight times more evil than Obamacares How does it work Compare a typical strapping young employee of 28 to her broken- down 58-year-old colleague These two employees have very different annual health expenses Yet under the nefarious plot known as "group health insurance" they basically pay the same premiums It turns out every big company in America is essentially a socialized health care republic in which the young subsidize the old and the healthy subsidize the sick all of whom pay the same premiums for the same plansSimilar dynamics explain why in the federal health-care plan spry 42-year-olds like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz subsidize 79-year-old geezers like Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch Maybe thats why Of course most people in civilized nations know and accept that this is how insurance works But Republicans nowadays arent like most people in civilized nations They think Obamacare is a form of injustice akin to slavery Which makes employer-provided health care slavery on steroids Wheres the outrage If conservatives were consistent and principled they would devote far more time and effort to liberating 20 million young Americans from the socialism baked into employer-based insurance and look past the Obamacare exchanges as a puny sideshowBut alas conservatives are not consistent and principled save for their consistent determination to hurt the president politically It would be better if all those smart GOP thinkers devoted their talent and energy to the question of how they would expand coverage to the 50 million uninsured but to raise that question is to enter the policy cul de sac in all its delicious irony Because the answer to that question is RomneyObamacare the only sound way (as Republicans rightly taught us) that a country can move toward universal coverage using private health plans The GOP could offer a tweaked version with slightly fewer regulations Or structure it to offer universal catastrophic coverage to save money But if Republicans were serious theyd offer the same basic reform architecture So Republicans choose not to be serious And it shows In the end the GOPs Obamacare youth hoax shows how silly a party can look when a political focus on one corner of a policy leads it to latch on to "insights" that utterly miss the big picture Its a reminder if we needed another of how close the connection can be between ideology and idiocyRead more from or 2010 9:56 AM Posted by: mwalsh1055 September 6, 2010 1:41 PM Posted by: Beautymarq September 5, we dont give Pinocchios for economic theories.
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Past attacks during the religious event have killed large numbers of Shi'ites. Sunday's bomb, planted in a shop near a street market, also wounded five security officials, said senior police official Malik Mushtaq. Doctors at a hospital in Dera Ismail Khan said five people were killed and 90 wounded. "There is a lack of ambulances and not enough hospital beds," said one. "People brought many of the injured to the hospital on rickshaws."
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My greatest fear is not so much the Help to Buy scheme stoking another housing boom but that the British Government will become exposed to the housing market just like the US was before the financial crash. The taxpayer will be guaranteeing the top slice of credit risk on some of the country’s riskiest mortgages. People who cannot obtain loans on commercial terms will get them guaranteed by the taxpayer. The Government is increasing regulation of the banking system, the Help to Buy scheme is a bizarre way to prevent banks going bust and leaving their liabilities with the taxpayer. The Government is directly exposing itself to risks that should be left to the judgement of banks. The Government wants to make houses affordable, so it should not pump more finance into the market but liberalise planning laws so more houses will be built.”
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While talking about character, I'd like to give kudos to Quentin for a neat little-shorthand trick he uses to define them. Each character essentially has his/her own soundtrack. A scene near the end, which cuts between several different characters driving in their cars, shows this very well. Cut from Melanie's (Bridget Fonda) van, where faux-eighties punk is blaring, to Max Cherry's (Robert Forster) car, which features the laid back grooves of the Delfonics, to other characters and their distinctive musical tastes. The music shifts so suddenly sometimes that it can be jarring, but it's an effective technique. Furthermore on the music front, Tarantino liberally uses the Meters' "Cissy Strut" near the beginning of the film, which quickly brought a smile to my face, and let me know that funky good times were ahead.
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