The Interactive Children's Library


The project will develop prototypes of new IT services and physical installations embedded in the physical spaces of the library that challenge, support and promote curiosity in kids play and learning activities . The prototypes will be sufficiently open, understandable and robust to be part in the activities of children of all ages. The basic outset for the research and innovation processes is that the developed technologies are not just deployed, understood and used, but appropriated in use – the artefacts get their full function and meaningfulness in use by the children and librarians.

The future Interactive Children’s Library should give room for and encourage the physical activites of children, while pursuing to connect this with the basic services of the library e.g. story telling, information and access to a rich variety of media.


The children’s library has traditionally been a “library in the library” where everything, ideally, is planned for the use by children. In recent years the children’s library has changed its focus from providing and planning children’s achievement of knowledge and skills, to support children’s self-initiated development, play and imagination. This is among other things reflected in the material offered and prioritised by the library especially in regard to the offerings of interactive media and services.

The industrila partners of the project are:

  • Tihii Media
  • Claus Bjarrum Architects
  • Dantek
  • BCI/Eurobib

For further information please visit the partners section of the website.

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