Mobile Home Center

Project Objective

The objective is to design B&O products and services to support a global sense of home by enabling users to experience and produce home media in different homes or while away from home. This is achieved through development of a Mobile Home Center (MHC), i.e. a hub to establish secure connections to the main home and media servers, to support users in experiencing home media on equipment available anywhere, anytime. The results of the project are: a prototype MHC infrastructure; a mobile product interface, e.g. a mobile phone, which is the key to secure and seamless access to home media; and an interaction paradigm for future mobile and global media experiences across changing contexts. The concept of MHC calls for research and development in several pervasive computing areas. The success criteria of the project are to deliver industrial prototypes that feed into B&O product development as well as to publish general concepts for experiencing “home is where you are”. Digital and mobile media are rapidly growing businesses worldwide, and B&O is in an ideal position to address the high-end market with products for customers with multiple homes and extensive travel activity.

Research and Innovation

There is a trend showing an increasing number of people spending more of their time away from home. We inhabit shifting physical places and our ability to make home in these changing circumstances is key to be in the world1. Thus the challenge of the increasing mobilization and globalization is to develop strategies for making home as a way of being in the world. This project demonstrates how digital materials and services can be a resource in shaping a feeling of “Home is where you are” in shifting situations. The MHC is a first step to support this new globally available user experience.

The project has undertaken extensive studies of people travelling a lot and having multiple homes. As a result of this different tactics, which people apply have been identified. Informed by this research, a number of prototypes have been developed and tested in the project.

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