Everyday Special

In current research and development of interactive technology for the home, there seems to be an implicit assumption that people wish to live a very rational and efficient life in their homes. E.g. they want to know when the contents of their fridge is expired. In contrast, this project explores how new ways of applying interactive technology can make everyday life at home more playful and engaging. Making everyday special. One example is the idea of The Energy Game. Monitoring energy consumption in the home is most often a mundane activity. Interactive technology may turn this into a game between members of a household or even between households. Tracking individuals’ energy consumption in a home may instigate a competition between people in using least energy. The energy game need not be restricted to the home itself, as one could imagine that when joining a spinning exercise in a work out center, it is possible to collect the energy produced there and bring into the household energy economy.

The project will produce concepts and a prototype for new types of interactive experiences at home. It will illustrate how embedded sensor technologies can be used to shape playful experiences in the home.

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