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Research Projects


- Collective Sensing and Macroscopic Analysis Methods for Reducing Environmental Footprints

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The iSport project explores how pervasive computing technologies can enhance sport experiences for spectators at sporting events and training efficiency for elite athletes. Bodily expression and physical capabilities are at the center of the research effort based on an ambition to explore how the hu... Learn more>>


- Dynamically Adaptive Pervasive Computing

Associate Professor Niels Olof Bouvin has received a grant from the Danish Research Council for Technology and Production (FTP) for a three year research project named "Locusts - Dynamically Adaptive Pervasive Computing through Cyber Foraging". Imagine a world, where computers - from tiny devices ov... Learn more>>

Mobile Home Center

- Home is where you are

This project demonstrates how digital materials and services can be a resource in shaping a feeling of “Home is where you are” in shifting situations. The MHC is a first step to support this new globally available user experience. Learn more>>


- A Mobile Social Context-Aware Web Infrastructure

UrbanWeb is a research project that looks into an infrastructure approach to Urban Computing and mobile context-awareness. Urban Computing systems let people interact with layers of information that is relevant to their lives and work in urban areas. Interaction can be supported trough the user&rsqu... Learn more>>

Female Interaction

The Female interaction is a multidisciplinary research project focusing on female interaction design for advanced electronic products. User-driven development methods and tools will be developed and tested – focusing on the demands and desires of female users. The project brings together devel... Learn more>>

Consultancy Projects

Echoes of the City

Interactive Spaces transforms a somewhat predictable Roskilde library into an experience space that immerses the user in the information flow between the library and the surrounding city. Pulse, atmosphere, sound and movements from the city are transformed into live interactive installations. The th... Learn more>>


InfoGallery is a web-based infrastructure for enriching the physical library space with informative art “exhibitions” of digital library material and other relevant information, such as RSS news streams, event announcements etc. InfoGallery presents information in an aesthetically attrac... Learn more>>

Wisdom Wells

The Wisdom Well is an interactive floor which is incorporated in a central place of the school. Learn more>>


- an urban interactive installation

SwingScape was designed in relation to a winter festival in February 2010 in Roskilde. SwingScape is an interactive installation that comes into play at the visitor’s physical activities. The installation invites people into an activity which most of us know from our childhood – to swing... Learn more>>

Families at play

”Families at play in the Library” will gather knowledge about families and play, and also develop and test models and concepts for families with young children, especially in terms of play and the culture of playing in connection with libraries. Learn more>>


MediaKiosk is an iOS application created for viewing webpages and video and audio podcasts on an iOS device in kiosk mode for use in exhibitions or other public settings. Learn more>>

Related projects

Everyday Special

- Supporting Playful Experiences in Everyday Life at Home

Assistant Professor, Marianne Graves Petersen, Center for Interactive Spaces, has received an award from Microsoft Research in Cambridge for a research project entitled “Everyday Special: Supporting Playful Experiences in Everyday Life at Home”. The project will produce concepts and a pr... Learn more>>


- An Augmented Reality Game Prototype

This is a student project on augmented reality games conducted by: Sune Kristensen, Bjørn W. Nielsen, and Troels Lange. Learn more>>

Level Set Graphics

- Geometrical modeling and rendering based on level set representations

This project covers two PhD studies funded by the Faculty and Sciences and Interactive Spaces. Supervised by Kaj Grønbæk, Aarhus University and Ken Museth, Linköping Institute of Technology. Learn more>>


TacTowers is an interactive training tool particularly targeted handball players. The principles behind TacTowers are movement-based interaction that supports coordination, dribbles and micro tactics in relation to an opponent or a fellow player in a movement-based training game / tool. Learn more>>

Old projects


- Context-based Everyday IT Services

The ContextIT project is funded by the Danish National Center of IT research. ContextIT is associated to center for Interactive Spaces, ISIS Katrinebjerg, Århus. The Partners are: Euman A/S, TDC/InnovationLab, Aalborg University, Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Department of... Learn more>>


- Future Hybrid Library

This is a research project on modern interactive library environments conducted by Center for Interactive Spaces. Involving Claus Bjarrum Arkitekter A/S, Aarhus University, and the Aarhus School of Architecture. Learn more>>


- Aesthetic Interaction and Context-Aware Computing for the home

This is a research project on future home environments conducted by Center for Interactive Spaces. Involving Bang &Olufsen, A/S, Aarhus University, and the Aarhus School of Architecture. Learn more>>

The Interactive Children's Library

- Palpable and tangible IT development with children

The Interactive Children's Library is a research project within Interactive Spaces carried out in collaboration with The Municipality Library in Aarhus, and the following private companies: Claus Bjarrum Architects, Tihii Media, Eurobib and Dantek. The project will focus on the development of Pervas... Learn more>>


- Interactive school environments

This is a research project on future interactive school environments conducted by Center for Interactive Spaces. Involving Arkitema, Søren Jensen Rådg. Ing., ToolTribe Connector, TDC/InnovationLab, Dansk Data Display, Aarhus University, and the Aarhus School of Architecture. Learn more>>


The IXP project is multidisciplinary research project looking to develop new concepts and prototypes for technology in future experience spaces. IXP brings together companies and public researchers in a research effort to shape the future of technology for the experience economy. Learn more>>

Nomadic Play in Mixed Environments

This is a research project on future playing objects and environments conducted by Center for Interactive Spaces. Involving LEGO Company, Aarhus University, and the Aarhus School of Architecture. The project focuses on exploring and developing new IT based concepts and artifacts supporting play, lea... Learn more>>

Visualisation Methods

- Assessment of Visualisation Methods

This is a consultancy project on assessment of visualisation methods used for zone of visual impact (ZVI). The project is requested by the construction company NCC. Learn more>>


Feb 13th, 2014
Digital Urban Regenerationl creates life and unity
Your new and cost effective entry into an attractive urban space. Many cities have in recent years managed to create unique and exciting urban spaces ... Learn more >>

Jan 7th, 2014
Kaj Grønbæk is representative of one of three innovative archetypes
Professor Kaj Grønbæk has been chosen as one of three innovative archetypes in Denmark by the think tank Mandag Morgen. Learn more >>

Jul 29th, 2013
New crowd-sensing technology maps our activities
The Ubiquitouous Computing and Interaction research group at Department of Computer Science is working on developing the technology and software based... Learn more >>

Jun 30th, 2013
EcoSense partner meeting
On May 16th the EcoSense project had a meeting for the Danish partner companies in EcoSense with focus on how the... Learn more >>

Nov 22nd, 2012
Smart City ideas presented to Minister
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