Wisdom Wells

Wisdom Wells   Wisdom Wells   Wisdom Wells

The Wisdom Well is an interactive floor for multiple users which is incorporated in a central place of the school. It combines play, movement and learning and can be used for both teaching and leisure time.

The Wisdom Well is an analogy to Miner’s well. In the Nordic mythology Miner’s well was the well of wisdom where Odin sacrifices his one eye to obtain eternal wisdom.

The Wisdom Well has been recognized at an international level. In 2007 it won a Red Dot Design Award - "best of the best" in the category "Education".

Red Dot


Below you can watch a few demo videos of the Wisdom Well.

The video below shows how the Wisdom Well is being used at Tornbjerg Skole in Denmark:

This video presents how the learning game Stepstone can be used with hearning impaired children:

More information

The Wisdom Well is now a commercial product and is being sold in cooperation with the danish company Solutors. Read more on www.solutors.com.

Also visit the official website www.vidensbrond.dk (in danish).

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