SwingScape – a festival succes!

SwingScape – a festival succes!

During the Roskilde festival, you could see and experience SwingScape – the music installation which gives you the possibility to remix your own songs using your body. The 15m x 15m, and 4 m high, installation soon became a popular event on the festival; both as a playful interactive installation bringing people together with music and as a visual meeting point for some of the 75.000 visitors.

Jul 7th, 2010, 08:23

The installation was made for the ”Ånd- og Videnfestival” in February. It was then more of a cityscape-installation inviting people in the cold Scandinavian winter to join in a gathering event.


A version 2 was made for the Roskilde festival. This time, the context was quite different. Being a music festival our design focus was in a higher degree on the music and the variations within this.


New tracks were created in addition to the existing ones, and through this the character of the installation was shifting during the day – from calm to more intense.


SwingScape from Interactive Spaces on Vimeo.

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