Culture, business and technology in a new and innovative partnership

Culture, business and technology in a new and innovative partnership

The Alexandra Institute, The Katapult Theatre and Arla Foods have developed a new and interactive game, which works via mobile tags. The game will set new standards for the dissemination of ecology to children and adults - on the farms.

Apr 8th, 2010, 13:34

A new, interactive mobile game will now give children and adults a new and different insight into the ecology world. The game "Økofonen" is made as a series of stories, which are activated by the users' own mobile phones and mobile tags placed around the organic Arla-farms that are open on "Økodagen" on April 18.

The Alexandra Institute has developed the technology and the Katapult Theatre is responsible for the audio drama (Audio Move), while Arla Foods wants to use the concept as a new way to inform about ecology.

"Økofonen" is a software application for mobile phones, which creates the illusion that it is the cows themselves, who talk. This combination of entertainment and communication can best be described as edutainment.

"Økofonen" is made in a way that it "translates" the cows' thoughts into human language, and we have chosen to let the nagging cows speak as a way to capture the attention of the children. It is ecological information in a strange, humorous and factual way, "says Torben Dahl, theater director at The Katapult Theatre.

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