”Echoes of the City” – an interactive installation at Roskilde library

”Echoes of the City” – an interactive installation at Roskilde library

Interactive Spaces transforms Roskilde library into an experience space that immerse the user in the information flow between the library and the surrounding city. Pulse, atmosphere, sound and movements from the city are transformed to live interactive installations. "Echoes of the city" can be experienced on 10th - 24 February during library opening hours.

Feb 5th, 2010, 08:44

The common theme of the installation "Echoes of the city" is the library's sensitivity illuminated from the outside world around the themes "everyone in the library", "the city in the library" and "the world in the library."

The three works illustrate how the library continuously relates actively to the surrounding world, which is based in the Middle, the Local and the Global. A key aspect of this is to involve the viewer in a dialogue with these installations and thereby make the library more present.

The three installations in the "Echoes of the city" are all located at Roskilde Library.

The installations operate with the interface between indoor and outdoor spaces - the world outside the library and the library itself. This gives a dual experience of the same surface which varies in shape depending on the citizen's meeting with the library, depending on whether this is accessed from inside or outside. Figuratively speaking the walls and windows of the library work as a membrane which actively filter the knowledge in the world and enter what seems appropriate - and let knowledge which seems appropriate out from the library

Read more (in Danish) : http://www.lyslyd.com/da/byrumsprojekter0/februar2010/ekkoafbyen

Thus the installation will contribute on several levels to the dialogue on the library as part of the public sphere, and its present role with the city and surroundings.

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