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SwingScape SwingScape
"Ånd og Vidensfestivalen" at Roskilde is a completely new winter festival. A two-day cavalcade of activities and experiences taking place in February 2010 which will light up the streets, buildings and residents of Roskilde. It will focus on scientific knowledge and spiritual breathing space, to create a festival with an ambitious complex program of activities and experiences for all residents. Interactive Spaces has developed the installation "SwingScape" - an interactive installation that comes into play at the visitor's physical activities. The installation invites people into an activity which most of us know from our childhood; to swing. [more]
Feb 5th, 2010, 08:52

”Echoes of the City” – an interactive installation at Roskilde library ”Echoes of the City” – an interactive installation at Roskilde library
Interactive Spaces transforms Roskilde library into an experience space that immerse the user in the information flow between the library and the surrounding city. Pulse, atmosphere, sound and movements from the city are transformed to live interactive installations. "Echoes of the city" can be experienced on 10th - 24 February during library opening hours. [more]
Feb 5th, 2010, 08:44



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