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People's Choice Award at CHI 2007 People's Choice Award at CHI 2007
Marianne Graves Petersen received a People's Choice Award for the Squeeze concept at the CHI 2007 Works-in-Progress programme. Squeeze is an interactive multi-person sack chair that allows for playful exploration of digital photos in the home. Squeeze is designed as part of the Everyday Special project at Interactive Spaces, which is funded by Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. [more]
Jun 8th, 2007, 00:32

New Project: Everyday Special New Project: Everyday Special
Assistant Professor, Marianne Graves Petersen, Center for Interactive Spaces, has received an award from Microsoft Research in Cambridge for a research project entitled “Everyday Special: Supporting Playful Experiences in Everyday Life at Home”. The project will produce concepts and a prototype for new types of interactive experiences at home. It will illustrate how embedded sensor technologies can be used to shape playful experiences in the home. Read more on the project page. [more]
May 19th, 2006, 09:16



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