Best Art Paper Award at ACM Multimedia 2008, in Vancouver, Canada for "Interactive Spatial Multimedia for Communication of Art in the Physical Museum Space" by Kortbek, K.J. and Grønbæk, K.

November 30th 2007, at 7 PM, Center for Interactive Spaces received the "red dot: best of the best award" for the Wisdom Well (Vidensbrønden) design concept, in the red dot design museum, Singapore. Here is the official Red Dot page describing the Wisdom Well.

The Wisdom Well is developed by researchers at Center for Interactive Spaces (associated to Aarhus University, Aarhus School of Architecture, and the Alexandra Institute) in Århus in collaboration with Arkitema, Søren Jensen A/S, Dansk Data Display and Århus Municipality. The project is funded through Århus Municipality with support from Oticon Fonden, Boligfonden Kuben and NCC A/S. The background research was initiated in the ISIS Katrinebjerg iSchool project.


Best presentation award at Nordes: On Monday May 28th, Peter Krogh presented the paper "Inquiry into Libraries - a design approach to children's interactive library" (co-authored with Andreas Lykke-olesen and Eva Eriksson) at the Nordic Design Research (Nordes) Conference in Stockholm. The presentation was awarded "Best paper presentation". In the motivation of the award it said: "not only was the presentation without exception the best, but behind it was also one of the best conference papers."

Marianne Graves Petersen received a People's Choice Award for the Squeeze concept at the CHI 2007 Works-in-Progress programme. Squeeze is an interactive multi-person sack chair that allows for playful exploration of digital photos in the home. Squeeze is designed as part of the Everyday Special project at Interactive Spaces, which is funded by Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK.

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The Engelbart Best Paper Award was this year given to the following paper: "Templates and Queries in Contextual Hypermedia" written by Kenneth Anderson, Allan Hansen, and Niels Olof Bouvin.The prestigious award was presented at Hypertext 2006.


The best Danish Computer Science Master's thesis in the year 2002: Rendering under Uncontrolled Illumination by Anders Brodersen og Michael Bang Nielsen, DAIMI. See

Danish Design Award

Danish Design Award to Interactive Spaces.On the 22nd of October Interactive Spaces under ISIS Katrinebjerg received the Visionprize at the Danish Design Awards for the iFloor that was displayed at Aarhus Municipal Library. The award winners were Peter Gall Krogh, Martin Ludvigsen, Andreas Lykke-Olesen, Aarhus School of Architecture and Kaspar Rosengreen Nielsen, Computer Science, University of Aarhus. See

Best Theme Paper Award at IRIS 26, in Helsinki 2004 for "Young People in Old Cars - Challenges for Cooperative Design" by Kristensen, J. F., Eriksen, M. A., Iversen, O. S., Kanstrup, A. M., Nielsen, A. C., and Petersen, M. G.

OZCHI Best Paper Award

OZCHI Best paper award InteractiveSpaces has won the OZCHI Best paper award 2004 for the article "Help Me Pull That Cursor" by Peter Krogh, Martin Ludvigsen and Andreas Lykke-Olesen about the iFloor. See,


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